Monday, 31 August 2009


hey, well i did shit yesterday i ate around 800-900 calories, i find it so hard when im in the house with all my family around and everyones eating, i just give in :(
Today i will 100% keep it below 200, and i know i will!

i'm going shopping with my boyfriend so maybe i will get a green salad, i find it easy not to eat at his house because i can just say i'm not hungry or feel sick, at mine moms always trying to get me to eat more, buying me chocolate making me sandwichs, its haard =/
i'm going to buy either 'sea kelp' or 'KLB6' from Holland and Barratts today, i don't know if they will work or not but hopefull help.

i have ordered the book 'wasted' Marya Hornbacher. i read on someones blog that it really gave them thinspiration so i thought i would give it ago, i need as much inspiration as i can.

writing this blog really does help me, i feel like i must not eat much because i have to come back and write my disappointment on here, and reading everyone elses blogs just shows me that i can do it and i will.

love elle ♥

Sunday, 30 August 2009

hello :)

well all i think about right now is my weight. i just want to get it down fast, i will be so happy if i reach my final goal before my birthday in december, if i do i wil ste my shell lower goals. i'm going to workout hard and cut down on caloires each day till i start my fast on the 8th sept.

yesterdays intake--
half a bowl of cereal. 87calories
green tea.
1/2 tin of tomatoes. 37calories
dry toast. 112calories
ryvita. 34calories
2 biscuits. 100calories

total = 370

that wasn't to bad for me, but today i dont want more than 300.

my nans coming round for sunday lunch today, i don't no how i'm going to get out of that. i will have to go out, bcuz theres no way im eating a whole meal.

thinkthin, elle ♥

Saturday, 29 August 2009

i will be thin.

I don't know if people are going to read my blog. i have never done this before, and decided to start because i wanted support and people to talk to who feel the same way that i do. i am totally new to this and i have only just started losing weight.

im 5ft2 and 115lbs, im huge, so im no where near my goal weight, 90lbs.
i have started skipping meals and most days trying to keep it down to 700 calories. yeah thats proabley sounds loads to alot of you, but as i say i've only just started and still getting used to eating so little. i want to get this down to 200-300 calories a day in the next week. and then starting 8th sept, see how long a can fast for. i have never fasted so i could do with as much support as possible, maybe even someone to fast with me?

well thats it :) comment

elle x