Saturday, 29 August 2009

i will be thin.

I don't know if people are going to read my blog. i have never done this before, and decided to start because i wanted support and people to talk to who feel the same way that i do. i am totally new to this and i have only just started losing weight.

im 5ft2 and 115lbs, im huge, so im no where near my goal weight, 90lbs.
i have started skipping meals and most days trying to keep it down to 700 calories. yeah thats proabley sounds loads to alot of you, but as i say i've only just started and still getting used to eating so little. i want to get this down to 200-300 calories a day in the next week. and then starting 8th sept, see how long a can fast for. i have never fasted so i could do with as much support as possible, maybe even someone to fast with me?

well thats it :) comment

elle x


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  2. :) Hello elle.
    well im here if you need company and ill be glad to fast with you. :p

  3. thanks :) are you fasting now?

  4. hey !
    you are correct, i have no problems fasting, generally. i only have a tough time if i smell pizza or see chocolate. i usually fast for 5-8 days at a time. then throw some fruit in there.
    welcome to the world of dieting and starvation! it is tough at first, especially if you have a "good" relationship with food. but that can all change in moments - if you want it enough!
    good luck meeting your goals!

    ps. i like ana friends :)
    we will keep in touch!

  5. im new too, and i see your one of my only followers :)
    as were both new to this site we should stick together aye ;)
    ive been up and down weight for years but i can tell this is a time where its really starting to work for me.
    stay thin babe :)