Thursday, 8 October 2009


right, im back. i havnjt postaged in ages! i wanted to be i couldnt. have been absolutely shit for the last week and more. but im not even going to bother talking about it cuz i dont want to hear it myself.



starting now. thursday 8th oct. 16.48

i promise myself right now that i will not eat, i dont want to so why should i? to please my stomach? no i can control it, not my hunger, i do, i will.


im real sorry for not commenting and keeping up with everyones blogs laterly :(xx

Monday, 28 September 2009

not good

well i havnt posted in a while, i wasn't going to today but i thought i best do.

i havn't done to well actually, cuz im still 112lbs. not what i wanted tbh. but i have started a fast today, im soo shit at fasting : i cant even last a day. so i hope this goes ok. i have to be at least 110 by sunday. i went to the gym last night but just didnt swimming for an hour cuz my friend had a head ache so she didnt wna do any running.
but when i got hom i ate & ate & ate. . . fail
but i'm not going to worry about what happened yday, its today that important, not tomorrow, today. so im going to try my hardest and hope for the best.


Wednesday, 23 September 2009


does anyone know a really good work out dvd i could buy?

comment please
thanks xx

Tuesday, 22 September 2009


broke my fast. i lasted just one day. god im shit.

i was doing ok cuz i didnt feel hungry today, but at school all the girls had this immunisation injection and it made me feel light headed and dizzy so i had to have a sandwich after i had it. THEN i though oh might aswell give up the fast today i have already broke it anyway so i came home and had a roast dinner, but then i didnt a 30min intense workout.
but tomorrow is a neww day and there will always be another tomorrow. i really really need to speed up this weight loss, i dont lose anything i swear. i have got 100mins of p.e at school tomorrow then im going to the gym with my friend again after school, workout and swimming so that will be good. im hoping not to eat tomorrow but i dno how thats going to go, i dont want to say i'm going to fast or anythhing cuz i always end up jut eating anyway : so i will take tomorrow as it comes, and hopefully that will be 0kcals but it could be 1000, we will see.
hope eveeryone did better than me today, :) realy could do with some encouragment tonight, i want to loss weight fasst!.
love always ♥

Monday, 21 September 2009

work out :D

just got back from the gym with my friend, had i good hardcore work out, running and swimming then steam room :) and i sort of completed my 1st day of my 4 day fast, BUT i hard a tiny spoonfull of orange jelly but im just not gna count that, im to happy to be back at the gym to let it get me down, and after all its a tiny tiny tiny bit of jelly, i couldnt even taste it :L
i'm going to get on the scales later tonight and if i'm happy i will post another post or if i have gained from my binge of a weekend i will just post tomorrow about my let down (N)
not going to gym tomorrow i dont think but i am wednesday so it's ok. i will prob do a workout on my rebounder tomorrow evening.
i have been taking some pills from holland and barratts which are ment to help weight lose, for the past couple of weeks. i dno if they are working though. oh well i will just keep taking them til they are all gone and we will see how i do. mm i might have some green tea now.

i will hopefully but posting later ♥
byee girlies. hope everyone has had a sucessful day too :)

Friday, 18 September 2009


woo! just got back from school and i was getting my uniform off and decided to jump oh the scales, i was so shocked to see 110lbs :O yeyy i have reached my 1st goal im well pleased with that. and i have 14 weeks to lose at weeks another 20lbs, sounds alot =/ but then i think about it, it's only like 1.5 lbs a week. hopefully i can do this :) hopefully because i start my 4 day fast on monday that wil drop some quick lbs.
well i have to go now got to get ready for meal. : argh


Thursday, 17 September 2009

quicky ATL!

just updating on my weight. didnt managed to fast today :( argh i shit at fasting. had a tin of tomatoes 96 kcals. and a pack of sour skittles. 222 kcal! :O bad i noo. tomorrow im not eating all day because im going for a meal with my friends on the night. sharing a curry.

BUT good news!
when i got back from school i was getting changed and couldnt resisted weighing myself. so i jumped on the scales.
112. 5lbs! only down 1 lb but its better than a gain :) i want to lose weight faster!. i need to start a fast but i cant do it for longer than a day :( i have tried and failed. im gna try my hardest to start a 4 days fast on monday. because obviously i cant tomorrow. or sat because im going to alton with my friend then christening on sunday : so monday. if any one wants to join let me no. and i real want a texting buddie while im fasting i think it will make things abit easier. so anyone up for it comment me aswel.

off to do geog coursework : in for tomorrow :@
argh i have so much to do tonight :L im gna be up till like 4 i swear :L
might post some pics soon :) once im down to like 7st 12lbs [110lbs]

dno how long thats going to take me though :
stay strong ladieess. comment please xx

Wednesday, 16 September 2009


well today was going so well, i hadnt eaten all day. then i came home and what had my mom made, hot chocolate fudge cake, i just couldnt say no! i only had a small piece though so i am not to angry with myself, another day of fasting tomorrow which i will hopefully complete. i will be better busy tomorrow so i shouldnt get to hungry. just keep drinking bloody water :L
i have got so much course work to do and its all in for friday :O argh!
i am going for a meal on friday night with my friends =/ i will be able to et away with eatin very little because where going for an indian and i always share with someone so that should only leave me with a little bit to eat :) but then i'm going to alton towers sat with my friends, so im going to be with them constantly all day, hopefully cuz there are 8 of us going they wont notice that im not going to eat lol. sat night im staying at my boyfriends but then sunday were going to his cousins christening and i LOVE party food, "/ i will eat as little as i can anyway. i'll just have to see how things go really. but hope for the best with everything. i hate food, i HATE it. every single time i eat something i just think oh crap more fucking calories : and then i get annoyed with my self afterwards so i just try and not eat at all. also cuz if im hungry and have like a little nibble of something it just makes me wont more and more and i ent up binging like a big fat pig. i need to get some laxatives for if ever i do eat alot. well sorry about the messy post, im just really busy laterly with so much school work :@ i will post on sunday night proberly and i will weigh in aswel :)
good luck everyone, love you all who read my blog
elle ♥ i WILL become thin before my birthday [dec]

Thursday, 10 September 2009


first day of my fast and i have had 0 calories! 1 cup of green tea and shit loads of water. its 10.30 now and my belly is rumbling =/ i'm not gna have anything, i can't, not now! hopefully the hungry would have past by the morning, and i will complete another day of my fast. im not gna lie i find it soo hard. when everyone else is eating at lunch at school, i just sit there slipping my water but i did it so i can do it again & again, [hopefully] i will weigh myself at the end of my fast, im not really sure when that will be cuz i dono how long i can last :L well just a short post im sooo tired. n-nightt good luck with what ever your doing : )

ohh and i did 70 it upsearlier, i was ment to do 100 so im gna do another 30 now, then bed lol

stay strong girls, love elle ♥

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

1st day back to school.

First day back today, i don't really get hungry at school, i had some carrot sticks and grapes for lunch, and thats it til i got home and mom made a chicken roast, so i had to eat that :. im fasting tomorrow definatly, all im having it water and green tea all day. i can do it i know i can! dads working late tomorrow and mo goes to step class so they won't be in for dinner luckier. hopefully hopefully, fingers crossed if i complete my fast tomorrow i can try and make it last as long as possible :D and i'm going to weigh my self friday morning, please hope i have lost..♥ it will make me so happy :D

aaa back at school after 6 weeks, great : naa i don't hate school, its okk to be honest lol. rather not have it though.

i'm going to try take some pics soon to post on here.

keep reading and commment please girls :)

love always, elle