Monday, 21 September 2009

work out :D

just got back from the gym with my friend, had i good hardcore work out, running and swimming then steam room :) and i sort of completed my 1st day of my 4 day fast, BUT i hard a tiny spoonfull of orange jelly but im just not gna count that, im to happy to be back at the gym to let it get me down, and after all its a tiny tiny tiny bit of jelly, i couldnt even taste it :L
i'm going to get on the scales later tonight and if i'm happy i will post another post or if i have gained from my binge of a weekend i will just post tomorrow about my let down (N)
not going to gym tomorrow i dont think but i am wednesday so it's ok. i will prob do a workout on my rebounder tomorrow evening.
i have been taking some pills from holland and barratts which are ment to help weight lose, for the past couple of weeks. i dno if they are working though. oh well i will just keep taking them til they are all gone and we will see how i do. mm i might have some green tea now.

i will hopefully but posting later ♥
byee girlies. hope everyone has had a sucessful day too :)


  1. that is soo great that you had an amazing fast day and got to go to the gym=]

    great jobb!