Tuesday, 8 September 2009

1st day back to school.

First day back today, i don't really get hungry at school, i had some carrot sticks and grapes for lunch, and thats it til i got home and mom made a chicken roast, so i had to eat that :. im fasting tomorrow definatly, all im having it water and green tea all day. i can do it i know i can! dads working late tomorrow and mo goes to step class so they won't be in for dinner luckier. hopefully hopefully, fingers crossed if i complete my fast tomorrow i can try and make it last as long as possible :D and i'm going to weigh my self friday morning, please hope i have lost..♥ it will make me so happy :D

aaa back at school after 6 weeks, great : naa i don't hate school, its okk to be honest lol. rather not have it though.

i'm going to try take some pics soon to post on here.

keep reading and commment please girls :)

love always, elle

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