Thursday, 17 September 2009

quicky ATL!

just updating on my weight. didnt managed to fast today :( argh i shit at fasting. had a tin of tomatoes 96 kcals. and a pack of sour skittles. 222 kcal! :O bad i noo. tomorrow im not eating all day because im going for a meal with my friends on the night. sharing a curry.

BUT good news!
when i got back from school i was getting changed and couldnt resisted weighing myself. so i jumped on the scales.
112. 5lbs! only down 1 lb but its better than a gain :) i want to lose weight faster!. i need to start a fast but i cant do it for longer than a day :( i have tried and failed. im gna try my hardest to start a 4 days fast on monday. because obviously i cant tomorrow. or sat because im going to alton with my friend then christening on sunday : so monday. if any one wants to join let me no. and i real want a texting buddie while im fasting i think it will make things abit easier. so anyone up for it comment me aswel.

off to do geog coursework : in for tomorrow :@
argh i have so much to do tonight :L im gna be up till like 4 i swear :L
might post some pics soon :) once im down to like 7st 12lbs [110lbs]

dno how long thats going to take me though :
stay strong ladieess. comment please xx


  1. Oh god I love skittles, they are such a terrible temptation.
    I just came across the term "fasting",and I think I`ll try it tomorrow :).
    Good luck with yours!

  2. 4 day fast starting monday?
    Girl, it's like you read my mind.
    So, with you on that.

    I'd be your txting buddie but I have no credit. :(
    Good luck this weekend, hun :)

  3. Yes, I definitely agree... another 4 day fast starting Monday sounds amazing. I am definitely in.

    Oh, and hey, my email and MSN is :-)

  4. hahaa idk about texting (i'm addicted) but i would def be an aim buddy! hahaa

    good luck on your fast!

    congrats on the ATL!!
    keep it up!