Tuesday, 22 September 2009


broke my fast. i lasted just one day. god im shit.

i was doing ok cuz i didnt feel hungry today, but at school all the girls had this immunisation injection and it made me feel light headed and dizzy so i had to have a sandwich after i had it. THEN i though oh might aswell give up the fast today i have already broke it anyway so i came home and had a roast dinner, but then i didnt a 30min intense workout.
but tomorrow is a neww day and there will always be another tomorrow. i really really need to speed up this weight loss, i dont lose anything i swear. i have got 100mins of p.e at school tomorrow then im going to the gym with my friend again after school, workout and swimming so that will be good. im hoping not to eat tomorrow but i dno how thats going to go, i dont want to say i'm going to fast or anythhing cuz i always end up jut eating anyway : so i will take tomorrow as it comes, and hopefully that will be 0kcals but it could be 1000, we will see.
hope eveeryone did better than me today, :) realy could do with some encouragment tonight, i want to loss weight fasst!.
love always ♥


  1. ohh we all have these days elle. !

    dont get so discouraged. it wants you to get discouraged. so you have to stay strong.

    i know.. easy to say.. cause it is SO hard to stay postive! believe me im not that optimistic of a person, but we have to stay positive. we have to KNOW that we can do this.

    its okay girly=]

  2. Oh, and hey, let's make, like, a packed or something to lose 5-10 lbs by Thanksgiving. That is totally achievable if we lost, like, one pound a week or more. I think that would be super encouraging to have a weight-loss buddy; plus, it will get us closer to our weight-loss goals! So, are you in???? Let me know, K?


  3. Yeah, I think that sounds great. I am at 112 lbs too. I want to be at least 105 lbs by then. So, let's do it! Starting today up until November 26th! I am so excited!! :-) Alright, so, let's do our "weigh-in" on the weekend(does that work for you??). Either Saturday or Sunday works for me. What day & time works best for you??

  4. ugh that always happens to me when i get dizzy and sick feeling! my body just takes over and feeds. i know how you feel. good luck girlie! i know you can do it. and a 1 day fast is still good! dont be so hard on yourself

  5. dont be too hard on your self :)
    good luck

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