Tuesday, 1 September 2009

damn it.

hello everyone.

i was doing good today until tonight, mom made me eat: i only ate half of it though.

todays intake...
1 slice of dry toast. 112
baked bean, [small amount]. 18
dry toast. 112
( that was all i was going to have, but mom :@ )
half a small bowl of pasta. 260 :@

total = 502 calories.

i'm fasting tomorrow for the 1st time ever. so wish me luck, it's going to be hard, but i'm going to be busy all day so hopefully keep my mind of food.

i'm going to weigh myself tomorrow morning. i will let you know how i get on. the last time i weighed myself was, last friday [28th aug] i was 8 stone 3 lbs (115lbs) hopefully i have lost a 1lb, i have keep the caloires rather low since friday. and have been doing sit ups everynight. please hope i have lost something. :)

i'm going to start going ot the gym again when i start school next week :) the gym is right by my school :)

good luck to everyone this weel, stay thin

love ♥ elle