Friday, 4 September 2009

YES! down 2lbs

i weighed myself this morning, couldn't resisted when i got out the shower!
i have lost! i was 8st3lbs now im 8st1lb, this has really gave me a boost and shows that my hard work is paying off :)

i have had a slice of dry toast and 2 cups of green tea for breakfast :) 112kcals.

i'm going shopping to birmingham later with my mom my brother whos 17, his girlfriends and my boyfriends, should be nice to go out with the family for a change, i need to get a new school skirt and brother needs clothes for sixth form.

The only this is mom is taking us all to pizza hut for lunch :O i'm hopefully only going to have 1 slice 2 at the most. i have done so well the last few days i'm not going to ruin it all for some pizza. but thats all im going to have today. i researched on the interent and on average.. 1 slice of pizza hut pizza = 214kcals.

so if i have 1-2 slices it won't be that bad.

me and my ana buddie and fasting tomorrow if anyone wants to join.... were going to do it today but obviously i can't (n)

i did 100 sit ups last night, and i'm going to do 100 now and 100 tonight again.

good luck everyone in what ever your doing. thanks for reading, think thin, stay strong. elle ♥


  1. Well done, girlie!!
    2 lbs is great!!!
    Good luck at lunch, I'm sure you'll be fine.
    Especially if your gonna do 200 situps today.

    Well done, you should be proud of yaself :)

  2. well done 2lbs is bloody awsum, keep up the good work :)


  3. Hey there. I came across your blog whilst randomly googling shops in birmingham!

    I'm a 20 year old girl from the north east, my name is Hannah.

    For the past 4 years I've struggled with anorexia, in this time I've spent 6 months in an inpatient unit due to a dangerously low weight. Anorexia has taken away so, so much from me. From the chance to study Fashion at London college of Fashion, to boyfriends who couldn't cope with my illness, to friends who I've allowed slip away due to how all consuming this illness becomes.

    Reading your blog reminded me so much of when I first begun losing weight. It was all new to me back then too. It seemed somewhat exciting, a challenge of sorts.

    But this can quickly change. And instead of something you get a thrill out of becomes a battle you will endure daily.

    Funnily enough I was around your weight when I begun losing weight too. Looking back, I wasn't overweight and I wish to god I'd never started. People would tell me to be careful, but you don't listen do you?

    Well my hope is that some of what I'm saying will sink in and you will get out of this while you can, rather than ina few months time when you're in so deep you can't begin to think of a way out.

    Please, please don't get involved with the world of anorexia. It turly isn't worth it. I've no doubt you're a beautiful girl inside and out.

    you probably won't take any notice of this, I know I didn't take note. I assumed I'd just stop losing when I got to my goal weight. Well, I didn't.

    I would suggest talking to someone you trust about how you're feeling, whether it be your mum, a friend or your GP.

    If you ever want to chat my email is